Pastor Fish Lesson: The Unforgiving Servant

School is In – Let’s Talk About Forgiving Others

The Unforgiving Servant (Matt. 18:21-35)

Hey there, I’m Pastor Fish. Ready for a story? This is a parable – a story Jesus told, when asked how much we should forgive, not seven times, but seventy times seven… which meant as many times as necessary! Once there was a servant who owed a great deal of money, but the king forgave him. Someone owed this servant money. Was he as forgiving as the king? (no?) Right! He wasn’t, and when the king found out he was very angry. How do you think things worked out for him then? (bad?) Right! That’s why in the Lord’s prayer, it says forgive us just as we forgive others.


  • Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing for someone asking forgiveness and someone else giving that forgiveness.
  • Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out an act of forgiveness.


  • Review: We Always Review our “Golden Rule Rhyme.” Say together (substitute ‘Sunday school’ for something else such as ‘bible school’ where needed):
    “As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule.
    To each other be kind and true, as we want to be treated too!” 
  • Forgiving Others: What did the unforgiving servant do? How could he have behaved differently? What kinds of ways can we forgive?  What if holding on to unforgiveness is like drinking poison and expecting someone else to die?  But what to do if we feel like we can’t even forgive? Give it to God. Ask Jesus for help.   
  • Staying Safe: Forgiveness doesn’t mean forgetting. It also doesn’t mean you should let them keep hurting you. Stay safe.
  • Bible Savvy: What’s the deeper meaning of this tale? What is Jesus trying to teach us?

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