Top-Ten Flicks – Our “Forever” Top Picks

Hey folks, we’re inaugurating a new Top Ten feature. We’ll have selections of favorites for your consideration.  And we’re starting with “Top Ten Must-See God-Type Film Subjects.”   Yes, with movie links, of course!

Here we go…

Top Ten Must-See Flicks Picks

  1. God Pays a Visit – We’ve got you covered. George Burns plays God in the Oh, God (Series), also starring John Denver. Or, if you’re adventurous and like foreign movies, try God is Brazilian!
  2. Playing God – For a laugh-out-loud experience, try Bruce Almighty with Morgan Freeman as God and Jim Carrey, who thinks he can do better.
  3. Death Pays a Visit – Can you imagine falling in love with death? You haven’t seen Brad Pitt in Meet Joe Black (a remake of Death Takes a Holiday, also worth seeing).
  4. Is Life Meaningless? It’s a fascinating question. Zero Theorem explores it in a surreal, captivating landscape.
  5. One’s PurposeIt’s a Wonderful Life is a classic to be watched at least once a year. Or, if you like foreign movies, try Ikiru, Kurosawa’s masterpiece!
  6. Faustian Bargain – How do we sell our souls? One compromise at a time! Named after Dr. Faustus, who sold his soul to the devil, the Faustian Bargain is a great subject for the filmmaker’s lens.  We offer you the landmark film Devil’s Advocate featuring Keanu Reeves, Al Pacino, and Charlize Theron.
  7. Heaven/Hell – Want a love story touching on heaven and hell? We’ve got you covered! Ghost is more of a “chick flick,” while What Dreams May Come is a little bit on the dark side!
  8. Free Will – Do we have free will? Can our actions be predicted? If so, what should society do next? Consider Minority Report.
  9. Theodicy – If God is good, and God isn’t impotent, then why all the suffering? That’s the theodicy question, and it sends people running to seminary, to ponder it (or check our posts on the topic).  Here’s one film that takes the topic on, directly: God on Trial.
  10. Eighth Beatitude – Good Night & Good Luck – with George Clooney as Edward R Murrow, who took a principled stand in a dark and oppressive time.

About Top Ten Features
Top Ten Features are a regular offering from NHM Ministrants. We hope you enjoy these new Top Ten lists as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you.  Please share them widely, and enjoy the other resources available on our  website.

Peace and blessings!




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