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Here, our Top Ten “Hero Journey” Sci-Fi picks for your enjoyment.  It was SO HARD to stop at ten.  We could have added Logan’s Run and Soylent Green – two films that take ageism to the extreme.  And many, many others. So, what do you think. Is it a good start? Did we capture a few of yours?

What would you add, to this list?

Top Ten Sci-Fi  Picks

  1. Star Trek,  – Since the original series, delves into many questions, always with good vs. evil.
  2. Star Wars – A hero and a princess. Using the force, rescuing the universe from the dark side.
  3. Firefly (tv series) – A winning band of friends traveling through troubles in a complex future.Fifth Element – The world under attack in the future. Sci fi good-vs-evil at its finest.Lord of the Rings –An epic tale of good against evil, as a band of friends set out to save the world.
  4. Fahrenheit 451 – A classic exploration of the power of the printed word, and what one person might do, to save and foster it.
  5. 1984 – George Orwell explores the question, “what does it look like, in a world where thoughts aren’t free?” and “what can one person do, in response?”
  6. Repo Men – What is life worth, in a world where body parts can be repossessed?
  7. Automata – This sci-fi film asks, what is life, and what “life” do we value?
  8. Total Recall – Schwarzenegger’s memories have been wiped… what is real, and who to trust?
  9. Robocop – One human life, sacrificed by a company, to become a cyborg and police a dystopian world.
  10. Cloud Atlas – This film is just too difficult to explain… but worth watching.
  11. Apollo 13 – Tom Hanks again, this time as an astronaut. Will he make it?

About Top Ten Features Top Ten Features are a regular offering from  NHM Ministrants. We hope you enjoy these new Top Ten lists as much as we’ve enjoyed creating them for you.  Please share them widely, and enjoy the other resources available on our  website.

Peace and blessings!

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