Wave Rider

The following guided visualization is meant to help enrich the spiritual life, promoting a positive sense of well-being and reducing stress.

Relaxation Video – “Wave Rider”

Text – Wave Rider

Riding the waves of my breathing.
Follow it in and back out again.
Gently rising and falling. Rising and falling.
Riding the waves of my breathing.

With each new breath a fresh new start.
Nourishing my body and my heart.
And every breath out, a chance to let it be.

Release the worry, release the fear.
Back to my breath, I am present here.
Gain a sense of inner harmony.

I won’t let my mind take me down.
Won’t let the past or future toss me around.
There is freedom right here inside of me.

I can come right back to the breath if I’m swept away.
And each time I practice I’m learning to stay.
Gain a sense of inner harmony.

Riding the waves of my breathing.
Riding the waves of my breathing.

About Prayerful Meditations

NHM Ministrants offers prayerful meditations and visualizations to enrich the personal spiritual life. The meditations and visualizations are geared towards adults, teens and tweens. Most, but not all, include references to God. Those marked “secular” do not. For children, we suggest the Butterfly meditations available free in many languages from The Elfenworks Foundation. Wave Rider is a track from the Commodore Callahan CD, “Love is Here.”

Non-Medical Disclaimer – We are not engaged in professional medical services and assume no responsibility for patient outcomes. Medical advice and decisions are appropriately made only by a competent and licensed medical practitioner, who must make decisions, in light of all of the facts and circumstances in each individual and particular case. We absolutely do not advocate that anyone turn away from their current treatment or support—these meditative visualizations are intended to augment, not replace, any such treatment. —NHM Ministrants, a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC.

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