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Take Action

Whether you are already engaged in a topic or seeking to explore how to get involved, we hope you’ll find our growing body of take-action resources to be helpful in your circles of engagement.  See our TAKE ACTION pages (you’ll find them in the RESOURCES menu)  for ways to get involved on your own, with issues such as: creation care, education, jobs, hunger, housing/homelessness, health advocacy, and fostering nonviolence / peacemaking  – with more pages planned !

Nonharming Considerations

A nonharming perspective can inform your work in a number of useful ways.  First, it will provide you with a means of discernment:

  • When in doubt, a nonharming perspective will inform a decision as follows: we can choose caution, choosing to err on the side that is least likely to result in physical, emotional or social harm.  ReligiousTolerance.org has given us this to consider: Where many belief systems differ from each other and science has input, and where there is a significant chance of death to an individual, perhaps that dogma might be reevaluated.
  • A good rule of thumb to ask before speaking or acting might be “will this help, or heal?”  or as one is taught to ask in the Middle East, whether your words will be as beautiful as the sound of the wind, blowing over desert sands. Consider the advice of Gandhi,  that we might discern the true motivation of our action in noticing whether it will be of any help to the last and least. It’s a humble reminder that we all see things given our own perspectives, through a glass, darkly; none of us can know the mind of God.

Physician, heal thyself was meant as a taunt, hurled at Jesus unjustly by his accusers; when it’s hurled at us, imperfect as we are, we often dislike looking inside ourselves for any kernel of truth. Perhaps we can recognize that we are all wounded healers. None of us are perfect. We all suffer, and we all seek happiness. Like us, our fellow travelers are equally human. And we were all made in God’s image, God’s beloved creation. This greater truth will help us in coming together we can heal ourselves to better heal the world. And to come together, we need to reach out in love, overcome our fear of our differences  to move towards greater understanding.

Our Online Resources

Check out our “Take Action” pages on areas that may be of special concern to the ministerial community, such as creation care, education, jobs, housing, food insecurity, and so on. We also offer pages with a useful Methodology for Effective Action. The Elfenworks Foundation’s Ripple Page offers a handy chart with ideas for every level of commitment, both time- and cost-related.   More pages are planned. However, if you feel we have overlooked an important area and it is needed immediately, you can always reach out with a friendly word through our contact page, to let us know.