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We would define religious tolerance as “allowing others the freedom to worship God (or not to worship) in their own way, and in peace.”   And we would define engaged pluralism as a step beyond tolerance, towards an appreciation for distinctiveness and differences in the beliefs and practices of many. We will be closer to world peace when people of good will from every faith, while honoring and adhering to the fundamentals of their own religion (or lack thereof), work actively to maintain an open and friendly attitude towards all. So, any effort we invest in understanding and helping congregants to understand other faiths — including teachings relating to peace, harmony, hope and justice — can bear good fruit.

The following links relate to living in harmony in an increasingly global and pluralistic world: effort

The following video, “Abraham’s Children – Liberty and Tolerance in an Age of Religious Conflict,” offers a counterbalance to incendiary religious leaders who cite Holy Writ to justify intolerance and violence.

Video posted with permission. Our thanks to Dr. Kelly James Clark for allowing us to post it here.