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Health and Mental Health

Health is a state of physical, spiritual, emotional, and mental well-being.  All of these aspects are interrelated. For example, consider how mental health and physical health intertwine and affect each other. A physical change in the body (e.g., loss of a limb) can result in a change in the mental health landscape (e.g., depression). Conversely, a change in mental state (e.g., the experience of depression) can change our physical experience (e.g., an increase the experience of physical pain).  That is why our spiritual assessment tool takes into consideration many inter-related and co-dependent aspects of health.

The following resources relate to various aspects of the mental health landscape:

Liturgical Resources on Mental Health for Ministers

  • Butterfly Project –  free stress-protection resources geared for young children, and suitable to youth ministry. Also helpful during the acute and chronic stress of physical illness.
  • Mental Health Ministries – this organization’s goal is “to erase the stigma of mental illness.”
  • Pathways to Promise – Interfaith resource center offering liturgical resources for caring ministry.

Supporting Caregivers and Patients

Child Health, Mental Health, and Wellness