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Sustainability Links

See our main CREATION CARE PAGE for easy Creation Care tips, and our WebDef entry for definition and scripture  

TEN Christian Creation Care Online Resources

  1. Case4America.org – Christians for a Sustainable Economy.
  2. Center for Environmental Leadership – Empowering Christians to care for creation, and educating the next generation of Christian environmental leaders. 
  3. EarthCare – A Christian organization working to promote sustainability within the Christian community.
  4. Eco Palms – Palms for Palm Sunday while protecting forests and providing sustainable livelihoods.
  5. Green Christian UK – Formerly Christian Ecology Link. Open to all, “we walk alongside those of faith and no faith.”
  6. www.simpleliving.org – equips people of faith to challenge consumerism.
  7. YOU !  You can be a leader by posting ideas, helpful hints, and links on your web presence.

TEN Interesting Creation Care Nonprofits

  1. Environmental Defense Fund – Forward thinking, long-established, focusing on real solutions for climate, oceans, ecosystems, and health.  They suggest that by lending your voice, you can create a groundswell of support to influence policy and industry leaders.
  2. Monterey Bay Aquarium – With a mission to inspire conservation of the oceans, and Seafood Watch science-based recommendations help consumers choose good alternatives and avoid harmful ones.
  3. Natural Resources Defense Council has a helpful “act now” page for steps to take, today, to help save the Monarch butterfly, to reduce mercury in our water, and more, as well as a helpful list of nonprofits working on environmental issues.
  4. Friends of the Earth – forty years of advocating for what’s needed, rather than settling for what’s expedient.  Action toolkits make involvement easy.
  5. Worldwatch.org – World Watch Institute – Analyzes interdisciplinary environmental data from around the world, providing information on how to build a sustainable society.  Helpful “10 ways to go green” is kept updated.
  6. Sierra Club – The oldest and largest environmental group in America.
  7. Sustainable.org –  the Sustainable Communities Online website, linking communities together for information sharing.
  8. 350.org – Building a global movement to solve the climate crisis from the bottom up.
  9. World Wildlife Federation – striving to safeguard the natural world. Symbolic adoptions of animals and ‘frontline hero’ dolls are fun teaching tools and gifts.