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Prayerful Meditations

People who have a meditative or prayerful practice experience a number of beneficial effects, including stress-reduction, greater resilience, and an improved sense of well-being. Our Center has a number of video and audio offerings that may be useful in your contemplative or prayerful meditative practice.  They are based on the meditation techniques taught by Brother Camillus Chavez, FSC PhD, of Saint Mary’s College of California. They foster a sense of connectedness, and help cultivate a peaceful and sheltered feeling. Brother Camillus offers listen-along and downloadable meditations on his website, www.brothercamillus.com.   Our aim is to empower you with resources that you can use and share.  See also our helpful hints page.

The meditations that follow are geared towards adults, teens and tweens.  Note, there are references to God in all but the meditations marked “secular.”  For children, we suggest the Butterfly meditations available free in many languages from The Elfenworks Foundation.

Press the “play” button to listen to your choice.

Introduction to Meditation [text]

Forgiveness Meditation [text

Palm of God’s Hand  Meditation/Visualization [text

Hand in Hand Meditation/Visualization [text

Tree of Life Meditation/Visualization  [text

The Lorica Prayer (St. Patrick’s Breastplate) – Abridged / Full Versions [text]

Metta (Loving Kindness) Prayers read more – Buddhist / Christian Versions

MBSR Meditation – 3 or 5 breaths  [text]

MBSR Meditation – Secular version – 3 or 5 breaths  [text]

Relaxation Video – “Wave Rider” [text]

Additional Notes

  • See our post with a video from Brother Camillus, “Why Meditate?” and look for more listening tracks and videos in the coming months.
  • After a time, you may find yourself comfortably familiar with these meditations, and able to bring yourself into a relaxed state and guide yourself through your choice of imagery, whether holding hands with Jesus or Mary, sitting in the palm of God’s hand, standing in the presence of your tree of life, or simply aware of yourself and your experience while meditating.
  • Care should be taken to meditate in conditions conducive to safety and well-being, such as avoiding  driving or using heavy machinery while practicing these relaxation techniques.
  • Parents, the meditations above were developed for adults.  However, we suggest you visit The Elfenworks Foundation’s Breathing Butterfly project, offering child-oriented meditations and songs, and helpful teacher aids, in a number of languages, at www.elfenworksfoundation.org/butterfly.

Non-Medical Disclaimer – We are not engaged in professional medical services and assume no responsibility for patient outcomes. Medical advice and decisions are appropriately made only by a competent and licensed medical practitioner, who must make decisions, in light of all of the facts and circumstances in each individual and particular case. We absolutely do not advocate that anyone turn away from their current treatment or support—these meditative visualizations are intended to augment, not replace, any such treatment. —The Center for Nonharming Ministries, a division of Elfenworks Productions, LLC.