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About the Methodology: This process is offered in the conviction that a holistic approach – one that considers the whole person and life setting – will capture important clues to wellness and wholeness that are helpful to the healing professional.  The S.H.I.P. areas of inquiry can be thought of in three pairings: in/on/around, above/beneath, and behind/before. These pairings are easy to remember: simply consider the space around your own body.  First, the space spiraling out from within you to on you and then around you. Then, a line that stretches from behind you and continues on to the horizon in front of you. Finally, a line stretching from the stars above you down to your roots beneath your feet. The seven prepositions we use –  in ~ on ~ around  // above ~ below  //  behind ~ before  – relate to the following life areas: mind-body wellness, external role,  connectedness // spirituality, roots // self-narrative, and outlook.  This page focuses on one of seven assessment areas: BEFORE. This area refers to a person’s vision of the road that lies ahead, and whether it is perceived with resilient, hopeful, realistic optimism or the not.

Before:   What lies before you (ahead), and the resiliency of hope. Planning. Perception of future. Able to envision positive outcomes. Flexible and
resilient in maintaining a hopeful, positive attitude in the face of changing
circumstances.Unable to perceive any positive future for self or others.
Little relationship with (or planning for) future. Unable to perceive any positive future for self or others.  Lacking sense of personal efficacy regarding the future (lacking a strong sense of  “internal locus of control”) Overly optimistic to the point of making costly, unrealistic plans. Or: Burdened with foreboding or with the sense that the weight of the future lies entirely on one’s own shoulders.
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Questions inquiring about …

  • Where do you see yourself next month, in three years (five, etc.)?
  • Tell me about your hopes for the future.

Kinesthetic Exercises (Dance or Drama Therapy)

  • (for children and youth) Portray (in dance or drama) your perception of yourself in the future, whether next year, or in five or ten years.  Portray the transition over time. What does it feel like?

Other Notes for the Practitioner

Consider whether a person has a resilient measure of hope, including the ability to envision a positive outcome, with a flexible and positive attitude. Is the attitude forced, and are the envisioned outcomes overly optimistic to the point of making overly unrealistic, perhaps harmful plans? In the center, there is a flexible sense of hope and optimism about the future which is resilient. That is, given new information, even negative information, what is hoped for may change, even as hope itself remains available.

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