Web Finds for Mother’s Day May 12

resurrectionroastWonderful gift ideas that go a step beyond.

  • Item 1:  Resurrection Roast #resurrectionroast – Certified organic, locally roasted, fair trade coffee… yours for a donation to the Kelly Avenue Catholic Worker. See  their website       for details.  >> click here


  • Item 2: A Donation of $25 or more will send a beautiful  >>Mother’s Day card, courtesy The Pacifica Resource Center. You’ll be sending a wonderful wish while at the same time putting your donation at the service of single mothers and their children, helping them move towards self-sufficiency. >> click here

If it’s the thought that counts, imagine the thought that says “I love you so much that I gave you something I knew would be meaningful to you, because I know you as a caring person.”  And what a nice reflection on you, too…

Do You Enjoy this Web Find?

What do you think, when we have enough concepts, would you find a dedicated page on this sort of gift to be a useful addition to our site? Or, do you think a regular WebFinds feature, along the lines of our WebGems, would be fun?

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