A salute to Patriot Guard Riders

Here’s a group we just learned about today: the Patriot Guard Riders,   www.patriotguard.org.  If invited by grieving families, these motorcycle riders will accompany a funeral procession of service men and  women, to ensure they are not disrupted by demonstrators. It’s a sad and sorry commentary on the existence of such a nonsequiter,  ‘haters for Jesus,’ that these riders are necessary, and that the funerals of our young men and women killed in the service of their country would be disrupted by demonstrators  (church groups claiming  that America needs to universally condemn homosexuality and that’s what’s causing loss of life overseas). Columnist Michael Reagan, Ronald Reagan’s son, has called this activity ‘shameful and dispicable’ because he doesn’t believe that the right of free speech should ‘allow Americans to cross the bounds of decency while intrudingh on the privacy of fellow citizens.’   We join author Michael Reagan in applauding the Patriot Guard Riders. Now that’s ‘standing up for the last and least.’

Are you a motor cycle enthusiast? Wear your helmet! And consider volunteering. 


Source: Michael Reagan, “Anti-homosexual demonstrations at miolitary funerals an outrage”   Just My Opinion Column in the San Francisco Examiner, Sunday April 4, 2010, page 19.

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