World Suicide Rates

According to a World Health Organization statement from September 10, 2008, Worldwide, suicide rates have increased  by 60% over the last 50 years, and the increase has been particularly marked in developing  countries. Most suicides in the world occur in Asia, which is estimated to account for up to 60% of all suicides.    


China, India and Japan – because of their large populations – may account for – because of their large populations – may account for up to 40% of all world suicides.

“About one million people commit suicide each year. Every 40 seconds, the loss of a person who killed themselves shatters the lives of family and friends. For every person who completes a  suicide, 20 or more may attempt suicide. For family and friends affected by suicide or attempted suicide, the emotional impact can last for many years. World Suicide Prevention Day not only offers an opportunity to ensure that suicides are prevented, but also that people living with mental illness, in particular depression and alcohol use disorders, receive adequate treatment, that community-based care and close follow-up are available to people who attempt suicide, that access to common methods of suicides is restricted, and that media reports of suicides are more measured.”  The statement ends with the hope that this epidemic can become  a largely preventable public health problem.

Source:  Alexandra Fleischmann, WHO 


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