Green Leadership in Arizona

Arizona, known for deserts and striking landscapes, is also gaining a reputation as a leader in all things green. Consider the Sedona International Film Festival, with its Sedona Green, an entire portion of the festival dedicated to environmental subject matter.  The town itself nestles into a hillside,  and keeps a low profile, with colors that also match. Recycling and conservation are encouraged and made easy, by the local government.  Noise and light pollution are also on the radar.  The environment matters, and the well-being of citizens is a first concern.  The highways and byways, a necessity of modern living, have been decorated to fit the landscape.  An artificial palm tree is camouflage for antennas, and they are hardly noticable to a passing motorist as a result. About one quarter of the state land is set aside as Indian Reservations, home to a number of Native American tribes who historically had a deep understanding of earth stewardship.

When considering the gallery of images, what stands out for you?   Is it the electrical wiring?  If so, the logical question arises: what if, as a nation, we were to encourage the same sort of innovation that produced the artificial tree, to come up with something a little more lovely, for utilities?

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