WebDef: Solidarity

Sol·i·dar·i·ty /sälə’dəritē/ – Noun: Purposeful unity. Also, like-minded cooperation to promote a common cause. You are not alone. The Bible makes it clear: God will never abandon nor forsake us. Even so, it is part of the human condition to feel alone and abandoned, from time to time. From the quotes below it becomes clear: God loves you, […]

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WebDef: Beatitudes – Jesus’ Eight Happinesses

Beatitude /bēˈati’to͞od/- Noun: State of supreme happiness or blessedness. In addition to teaching through is own example of loving, nonviolent service, Jesus’ main teaching came in the form of questions, parables and a few large public sermons.  The Gospel of Matthew sums up Jesus’ official teaching in The Sermon on the Mount. Inside this sermon are the […]

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WebDef: Love, The Greatest Commandment

Love /lŭv/– Noun: Tender feelings directed outwards.  Historically, the Greeks divided love into: philia (friendship), kinship (storge), passion (eros) and selfless (agape) forms.   Following is a discussion on biblical references to Love.  Many of us have heard it said that Bible stands for ‘basic instructions before leaving earth.’  If so, the greatest instruction – […]

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Bible Quotes & Stories: Success

With God, You Can Succeed in Spite of Obstacles An important area of hope-building is to help people internalize the reality that we do have possibilities. This is especially important—and difficult—when the self-perception and life history may have a person despairing of moving forward in a positive way. Sometimes, there is a feeling of passivity, […]

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WebDef: Worth

Worth – /wərθ/ – Noun: Intrinsic importance; a quality of having value.   You have value. As infants, we each are born with an inherent sense of worth, the knowledge that we have value in the eyes of God.  Unfortunately, life experience sometimes beats healthy self-worth that out of us, replacing it with low self-esteem. Consider what […]

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WebDef: Harmony

Har·mo·ny /härmənē/ – Noun: A combination that is pleasing to experience, and works together.  The following biblical passages provide guidance about how to live a more tranquil, peaceful, harmonious life. Select Bible Passages on Harmony   (Jesus said) And whosoever shall compel thee to go a mile, go with him twain. – Matthew 5:41 Jesus said unto him, Thou shalt love the […]

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