Happy Easter Season

We hope you have wonderful, restorative Easter season!   Below, dancer Rena Jones-Guidry of the Providence Baptist Church provides an original interpretation of a song that speaks to the promise of a resurrection, within our own life experience. Find out more about Praise Dance, including how to choreograph the song “Resurrection” right here on our site. […]

April 1, 2018 in Celebrations and Holidays, Featured Articles by

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Blessings On Followers Day, April 17th

Happy Followers Day! Who ever said that greeting card companies are the only ones who can start up celebrations? In 2011 we proposed Followers Day… and this April 17th will mark five years of celebration. Time flies, when you’re having fun, and it’s always a blessing to reflect on our various walks of faith with […]

April 17, 2016 in Celebrations and Holidays by

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Lammas Day

Break out your bread pans and start grinding your wheat! August 1st marks the feast of bread on the Christian calendar. This traditional festival day, also known as Lammas Day, or the feast of St. Peter in Chains, was established to commemorate the Apostle Peter’s miraculous deliverance from prison. The reason it is commonly known […]

July 28, 2011 in Celebrations and Holidays by

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What’s This About Christmas? ! ?

Did you know that Christmas wasn’t always celebrated in winter? Before the monk Dionysius set Christmas at December 25th in 533 AD, some Christians had celebrated Christmas in springtime. That older tradition is supported by the biblical account of shepherds being out watching their sheep by night, as happened in springtime, not in the bitter winter months. Does this fact make Christmas any less valid? We don’t think so…

August 17, 2010 in Celebrations and Holidays, Featured Articles by

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