WebDef: Vision

Vi·sionˈ/viZHən/ – Noun: Faculty of perception; forming a picture in the mind about the past or potential nature of things. Vision,  the ability to see something clearly, is one of seven key pillars in our Methodology for Compassionate Work. It can refer to a deep understanding of the flaws of a current situation, a recognition of a […]

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The Strength in Weakness

It’s said that the devil’s favorite sin is pride, and so perhaps our first and greatest misconception is that we, as humans, can ever fully understand God’s perspective on ourselves, our situations, or others. Perhaps our ability to do great good grows in proportion to our willingness to recognize our own fallibility. Could this be […]

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The Hippocratic Oath upon which this non-harming ministry website is based really invites ministers to step back from the rush to action, because the first and greatest misconception is that, as ministers, we always  know what is best. This site is a resource for those of us who are dedicated to first doing no harm.  We don’t mind the […]

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