Spilt Milk

You’ve likely heard the saying, “don’t cry over spilt milk.”   I grew up with it. And when I recently dropped – and shattered – a large bottle of organic milk just after bringing it home from the store, I began pondering the saying’s deeper meaning, and how it might relate to ministry. Scripture is clear: God is “near […]

December 12, 2012 in Featured Articles by

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Uplifting Action… in America

It’s encouraging to see a renewed interest in the plight of the last and least – in Biblical shorthand, the “widow and orphan,” and a willingness to discuss the priorities we choose together, as a nation.  It is tempting to consider that individually our voice might not make much difference, but if we each lift […]

March 25, 2011 in Justice Work by

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Compassion at the Grass Roots: “Such a Crime”

“Second Saturday Soul Soup Singalongs” – the song ‘Such a Crime’ offered in the tradition of call and response, in hopes for a grass roots movement fostering compassion towards the last and least. Song and easy guitar chords.

December 17, 2009 in Justice Work, Music, Stormy Issues by

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Second Saturdays Campaign – Song Ideas

Peter Drucker, the renowned business luminary of the 1980s, has been known to say that the best hope for our country’s problems is if the leadership of the religious groups could possibly come together and find common ground. Surely recent trends in hunger, pointing to the possibility that half of our country’s children can expect to receive food assistance some time during their childhoods, could be one area in which we can agree to come together. Our thought: why not sing for other’s suppers? We will be singing every second Saturday, and Godwilling, some of you will, as well. Here, for your kind consideration, a few songs.

December 11, 2009 in Justice Work, Music by

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