Audio Corner: Designing Spaces for Sound

Does your building echo? Do you struggle to get the message to the people in the back?  There are some easy steps to take, especially if you have funds for a retrofit. 1. Floors: carpet can dampen sound, but it can also be expensive to clean and maintain. 2. Furniture: Carpet and fabric cover chairs […]

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WebDef: Isolation

I·so·la·tion /īsəˈlāshən/ – Noun: The experience of being set or placed apart; out of contact; detached or separated so as to be alone. We all experience isolation from time to time. Since the dawn of history, societies have used isolation as a means of removing a perceived problem from their midst. The experience of painful aloneness is […]

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Quick Tips for Recording Excellent Web Audio

Every day it’s easier to make high quality recordings. Here we offer a few quick tips for recording success: 1.Find a quiet space, away from distractions. 2.Place cell phones in “airplane” mode or power them down completely–cell phones can cause interference, even if you aren’t using them. Turn off the radio, TV, and any other appliances that […]

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