Webgem: Relating Meekness and Creation Care

What’s this? A book as a WebGem? Wait…there’s video…a compelling address by theologian Father John Dear on his latest release from Orbis Books delving into the third Beatitude, from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount. It’s a beautiful treasure of a book, and an inspiration for all who read it.

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WebGem: Give Peace a Dance

Here’s our Web Gem for the new month, GivePeaceaDance.org, the brainchild of two young men, one Jewish and one Muslim. They invite everyone to create and post a video answering “what would you do for peace?” with the hashtag #givepeaceadance. Our thanks to Margaret Swink, Director of Communications at Ploughshares, a foundation that “funds, organizes and innovates […]

November 1, 2013 in Peacemaking, WebGems by

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Remembering St. Francis

October fourth is the “Feast Day of St. Francis.” The spirit of St. Francis – Francesco di Pietro Bernardone – is paraphrased often in the bumper sticker “preach always, when necessary using words.” Recognized, during his lifetime, as a living legend and founder of an order, St. Francis was a radical religious pioneer in many […]

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Peacemaker in the Neighborhood

We are reposting this story – from earlier this year – in honor of the International Day of Prayer and Fasting for Peace, and in the knowledge that peacemaking comes in many forms. #prayforpeace Have you ever witnessed peacemaking in action? It doesn’t have to rise to the level of a peace summit at Camp […]

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Jesus on Nonviolence

This post is not meant as a standalone, but as part of a series on Jesus’ Teaching in Buddhist Terminology. Jesus was filled with wisdom on how to walk this earth without doing harm. He lived and taught creative nonviolence and nonjudging. His message was not simply to love our friends, but our enemies. We are to love […]

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Vigils for Nonviolence

During the Advent season, when so many await the coming of the light which triumphs over darkness, our hearts also lift up prayers for all the families who suffer – directly and indirectly – from the effects of violence. In response to an incident at a school December 14th, 2012, many Americans joined together in  candle-light vigils all across the country.  Candles […]

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Peace Quest – UQ Media

UQ-Media Content Now at ministrants.com Main Site For a number of years, we maintained a separate website on interfaith understanding – UQ-Media.com “So All May Live in Harmony!”, before absorbing the content into our main website. That site was dedicated the proposition that truth and reconciliation are preferable to violence as the as the principle […]

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Expanding the Meaning of ‘take back the night’

Safer on the Streets The ‘take back the night’ rallying cry began because the streets didn’t feel safe to walk in, at night. People wanted to be able to be out, in their cities, without fearing for their very lives. It has expanded in some beautiful ways, as people take the term to mean freedom […]

May 7, 2010 in Justice Work, Peacemaking by

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