Rough Justice – Another Compassion Song

The following music video, Rough Justice, tackles violence, incarceration, and youth. There are so many ways to improve on today’s situation: investing in and nurturing America’s kids, intervention, diversion, and better access to mental health care for kids who do end up in prison. It’s rough justice… and we can do better! Lyrics REF) Rough justice, […]

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Language sensitivity – people who have been in prison

The following open letter was posted by the director of The Riverside Church Metro Prison Ministry. It is part of a campaign to “change public opinion, one person at a time.” We are including it in furtherance of that campaign, and because of the insightful nature with which it treats language around people who have been incarcerated: […]

December 21, 2009 in Stormy Issues by

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Imprisonment and Alternatives

Food for thought: in what way does preaching a punitive theology contribute to our staggering imprisonment trends, and ever more punitive collateral consequences (employment, housing, higher education) after the sentences are served? The following are from August 14, 2009 One in 34 Americans is under some form of “correctional supervision” (probation, parole, in jail, prison, etc)  […]

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