Top Ten Scary Creation-Care Films

With climate change atop the list of today’s young hearts and minds, we thought we’d try our hands at compiling a top ten list of the scariest creation care films of all time. These films aren’t for the faint of heart. They’re controversial. They’re scary. But they may spark a debate… and maybe that’s not […]

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Top Ten All-Time Best Nun/Priest Flicks

Below, we have assembled our top ten films where Catholic nuns and priests are central to the story, and where the stories themselves provide food for thought. No, The Sound of Music didn’t make the list.  It’s really a love story. The nunnery and nuns simply provide a hideaway or backdrop. What we mean, by this post, […]

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Top Ten Animations

As ever, we had the hardest time limiting ourselves to only ten! Below, for your kind consideration, our Top Ten Uplifting / Spiritual Animations of All Time. The Secret of the Kells – This film couples breathtaking animation, historic accuracy, and a youthful hero’s story: the Vikings are coming! Toy Story – Toys and their relationship […]

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Top Ten Ways to Help Syrian Refugees

Touched by the situation facing nine million  refugees in what’s now known as the Syrian Refugee Crisis (or in Europe, the related Mediterranean Refugee Crisis, as Syrian and Libyan refugees attempt to flee in unseaworthy boats)? If you are looking to help, we salute you. Here are top ten things to keep in mind, all […]

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Top Ten “Ponderables” on Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage. it’s the big topic of the day around the water cooler. The Supreme Court has made it the law of the land. Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter has been quoted as saying he thinks Jesus would approve of gay marriage1.  Perhaps you have made up your mind. Perhaps you have not.  Are you […]

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Nepal: Top Ten Effectiveness Tips

The devastating earthquake in Nepal – the worst in over eighty years – has prompted many to wonder, “how can I help?” Keep in mind these top ten: Activate Your Connections. If you are already associated with a house of worship that is affiliated with a denomination, then likely that organization is already involved. For example, a […]

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Top Ten Flicks – Poverty

Hey folks… here for your pleasure, our Top Ten “soul stretching non-“poverty porn” films that delve into the tragedy of poverty, inequality, and moral relativism. Yep, that’s a mouthful.  Here we go… Top Ten Picks O Brother Where Art Thou? – Every aspect of a Greek heroic journey, set to fabulous music in the depression. The […]

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Top Ten Flicks – Sci-Fi

Here, our Top Ten “Hero Journey” Sci-Fi picks for your enjoyment.  It was SO HARD to stop at ten.  We could have added Logan’s Run and Soylent Green – two films that take ageism to the extreme.  And many, many others. So, what do you think. Is it a good start? Did we capture a few of […]

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Top-Ten Flicks – Our “Forever” Top Picks

Hey folks, we’re inaugurating a new Top Ten feature. We’ll have selections of favorites for your consideration.  And we’re starting with “Top Ten Must-See God-Type Film Subjects.”   Yes, with movie links, of course! Here we go… Top Ten Must-See Flicks Picks God Pays a Visit – We’ve got you covered. George Burns plays God in the Oh, […]

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Top Ten Flicks – Comedy

A merry heart does you good, like a medicine: but a broken spirit dries your bones. – Proverb 17:22 Here for your viewing pleasure, our list of Top Ten Comedies with a Spiritual Side. What do you think, did we catch your favorites? Top Ten Comedy Picks Groundhog Day – Waking up day after day, what would you […]

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Top Ten Fears – And Killing them Dead in 3 Easy Steps

Fear /fir/ Noun:  The unpleasant experience of threat, danger or concern there may be immanent harm.   Boo! Scared you? We surely hope not.  Yet everyone is afraid, now and again. It’s part of being human.  And some of us are more afraid of different things than others.  We polled the office very unscientifically and came up with […]

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Top Ten Bible Quotes on… Death!

You’ve likely read our “WebDef” on Death…  we define it as permanent cessation of all vital functions; an irreversable ending. From a Christian perspective, the moment of the soul’s departure, as the breath of God no longer animates the body. And now, here are our “top ten” Bible quotes on the subject! Top Ten Bible […]

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