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Take Action: Jobs

We define good jobs as providing a living wage in a way that does not harm the physical or emotional well-being of the worker.  

Five Fine Ways to Begin

  1. Start at home: be sure that your congregation pays your staff – bookkeeper, grounds keepers and others – a living wage.
  2. Vote with your pocketbook. Patronize vendors who employ fair practices.
  3. Join forces with the 3/50 Project, making a point of patronizing the independent local businesses that you’d really miss, if they disappeared tomorrow.
  4. Lend your voice !  College students, why not make a social justice movie – Consider the wonderful award-winning student films that have been created so far. They earned cash prizes while having an impact on an important problem:
    •  See Me  (I need a job) – 2013 3rd place winner
    • Unemployed 2011 honorable mention winner
  5. Visit The Elfenworks Foundation ripple pages, for many other ideas, big and small, on how to get involved.

A Fresh Face for Restarting America’s Engine of Opportunity

As you read about this fine young social entrepreneur, you will be inspired, and may wish to reach out in partnership:

  • Andrew Yang, Founder of VentureforAmerica.org, is combatting the urban blight by revitalizing our cities. He does this by redirecting enterprising college graduates into early-stage businesses in underserved American cities. The program is revitalizing American cities and yangcommunities through entrepreneurship and allowing top graduates to earn hands-on business experience and grow a culture of achievement. And it provides an alternative to the predictable post-graduate march into low-growth sectors like financial services, consulting, or the law in cities like New York, Boston, San Francisco, or Washington, DC. In just its second year, VFA has placed 120 graduates in two-year fellowships with exciting start-ups in cities like Detroit, Cincinnati, Baltimore and Pittsburgh. The 80 new Fellows in 2013 were selected from a pool of more than 1,000 applicants, and VFA’s goal is to create 100,000 new jobs by 2025.

This fine innovator was honored with The Elfenworks Foundation’s In Harmony With Hope Award, for his vision and dedication. would welcome support and encouragement. His website may include current needs lists, but you can also reach out to ask about partnership opportunities. No doubt he’d be happy for the help.