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Lift Your Voice

Thank you for considering lifting your voice, to help us with our work.  We are looking for prayer partners and also translation help, for our Lord’s Prayer project.  To help as a prayer warrior, please visit our prayer partner page. We believe in the power of prayer and appreciate well-intentioned prayers of support that our resources will grow and thrive.  We also believe in the power of hands joined together for a common goal. 

Lord’s Prayer Help

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Our AUDACIOUS GOAL is to try to gather and present The Lord’s Prayer in  as many languages and dialects as possible. We are off to a great start, with growing body of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of the prayer, along with  all the tools necessary for a do-it-yourself  multicultural Lord’s Prayer experience. Visitors from across the globe are helping. Check if your language and dialect are already offered. If they are, please help us spread the word about them. If not…   

  1. Visit Elfenworks Productions, LLC for details 
  2. Get in touch.  we’d love to hear from you.  

THANK YOU for your support!

Lord’s Prayer Project Background

The “Voices Home” Lord’s Prayer project was originally envisioned as a world peace resource, although it has other applications, including individual prayer practiceIn an increasingly more interconnected world, our differences can be a source of stress.  Featuring speakers of many ages and backgrounds, we hope to provide an experience that transcends these skin-deep differences, uncovering similar hopes and prayers.  With this goal in mind, we have developed guidelines for ministers and other peacemakers to stage their own event centered around The Lord’s Prayer.  With such an event, you can invite participants to look beneath the skin-deep differences and move beyond language barriers, celebrate our common humanity, and share common hopes for a better world. 

The effort was originally launched as its own standalone web presence at voiceshome.com, and dedicated to the 39th President of the USA, James Earl “Jimmy” Carter, in celebration of his 85th birthday and his ongoing efforts at  The Carter Center,  “waging peace, fighting disease, and building hope.”  All of the resources from that original website now reside here at NHM Ministrants.  Individual credits are contained at the end of each Voices Home video, and we extend grateful thanks to everyone who has participated in, or who has provided prayers, expertise, or support, including lending their voices.  Thanks especially to Lauren Kent-Delaney of The Carter Center, who so kindly helped arrange field recordings with many foreign language speakers.  Available now as DVD –  elfenworks.com/store page for more information on this and other offerings.