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/Pantōn/ – Noun: a system for matching colors, used in specifying printing inks, used in fabrics, paints and plastics. Also refers to the Pantone company’s influential annual report on color trends.

Here, we’ve found in the world around us, examples of the Pantone® colors of the Spring 2018 season. We’ve created a lovely squared image for you to download and enjoy.  You may notice more colors than in other palates on the web. That’s because we’ve chosen to include Pantone’s additional foundational colors, as well.  

For your added enjoyment, we’ve included a bit about our vision for the colors, including their Pantone numbers and hex codes. We tried our best to get them right, but please verify them yourself before using them, with the Pantone Color Finder as we make no warranty as to accuracy. This page is for your enjoyment only.


Pantone Colors in Nature

  • A rooster calls out for Cherry Tomato – (Pantone 17-1563, #EB3C27).
  • A regal peacock is our Palace Blue – (Pantone 18-4043, #346CBO).
  • Tulips stand in for Ash Rose – (Pantone 17-1514, #b5817D).
  • Here’s a pale green lizard for Nile Green – (Pantone 14-0121, A76796).
  • The name Meadowlark calls for a bird, so here you go! – (Pantone 13-0646, #EAD94E).
  • Tropical treats for Blooming Dahlia – (Pantone 15-1520, #EB9687).
  • Intense flowers mark Ultra Violet as the color of the year – (Pantone 18-3838, #5F4B8B).
  • A friendly critter from down under, for Spiced Apple – (Pantone 18-1325, #783937).
  • Flowers stand in for Pink Lavender, a lovely violet-rose color – (Pantone 14-3207, #D9AFCA).
  • Almost Mauve is represented by a Hawaiian flower – (Pantone 12-2103, #E7DCD9).
  • Rapture Rose is a rose, naturally – (Pantone 17-1929, #D16277).
  • How’s this for punch, in a flower, representing Lime Punch (Pantone 13-0550, #C0D725).
  • Chili Oil – an airy bird for this earthy, brown-based red (18-1440, #8E3C36).
  • Emperador – earthy scene for this rich, earthy chocolate-brown (18-1028, # 684832).
  • Arcadia – a cool, watery scene for this watery green with a blue undertone – (Pantone 16-5533, #00A28A).
  • Spring Crocus – we couldn’t resist continuing the watery scene one more friendly swimmer (Pantone 17-3020, # BA69A1).

Here are additional foundational colors for the season:

  • Standing in for Sailor Blue (Pantone 19-4034, #0E3A53), a rusty blue can on a train track that may have held goods for a sailor. 
  • For the dove gray Harbor Mist (Pantone 14-4202, #AFB1B4) we love this sleepy koala.
  • For Warm Sand (Pantone 15-1214, #C5AE91), this sandy, dappled horse bids you hello.
  • The off-white shade called Coconut Milk (Pantone 11-0608, #F0EDE5) puts us in mind of this ibis, seen wandering a city street down under, in Australia.

We offer this because, in our experience, feeling attuned with the colors of the season can help with a general sense of well-being. 

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