WebDef: Martial Art

Martial Art /märSHəl ärt/ – Noun: Codified systems hailing from combat practice using physical skill and coordination, often without weapons.

Tai Chi Chuan /tī CHē CHwän/ – Noun: A Chinese martial art approximately meaning “supreme ultimate first,” emphasizing meditative calm and overall physical health. It exercises mind and body, with a series of slow, controlled moving postures that flow together in a synchronized dancing effect. As a martial art, the focus is on change in response to outside force, a yielding and sticking to incoming attacks, rather than meeting force with force.Simplified and popularized, it is often taught with 24 forms in one set.

Aikido /īˈkēdō/ – Noun: A Japanese martial art utilizing the principle of nonresistance and the direction of energy to achieve self-defense without harm to the attacker. It is often translated as The Way of harmonizing energy. Its basic movements are circular, whereas most attacks are linear and directed. By harmonizing with the aggressive line and redirecting it, you are protected without harm or belittling of the opponent. There are no competitive tournaments, as it is not a sport. Neither does it depend on physical strength. The ethic, in Aikido, is to defend without vengeance, to forgive the enemy, and to harmonize with any attack while avoiding confrontation.


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