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Nose·gay /nōzˌgā/ – Noun: A small, sweetly scented bunch of flowers, used to offset unpleasant odors.

The word “nosegay” is from Middle English, meaning “ornament for the nose.”  The little, fragrant bouquets were  customary in Europe in the middle ages, before the widespread installation of plumbing. They were helpful in offsetting the often overwhelming “scent” of city life.

In southern India, the custom is to wear beautiful strands of jasmine, pictured below.  It also occurs to us that having Jesus in your life can be like having a nosegay in your hair. . . a beautiful scent of jasmine changes the way the world is perceived, in a really tangible way.

Nosegays for the WISE Project ?

We’re looking for a silk flower manufacturer who might be able to recreate the beautiful hair adornments seen here, which we might co-brand and sell to raise funds, with profits to be used to benefit our partners in India working with us on behalf of widows there.  Here is what’s worn, in Tamil Nadu, where the WISE (Widows of India Status & Empowerment) Program will initially launch, and we think it’d be lovely if women everywhere could wear silk flowers (perhaps scented with Jasmine perfume) in support and solidarity with these brave widows:


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