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A Word Cloud is an often beautiful representation of the ideas contained in a document.  Words that are mentioned most often are represented in a larger font size than words that appear less often.

Here, a few examples of word clouds, created at wordle.net, from the textbook for our forthcoming class, The Healer’s Path.  Does this help you gain an understanding of the topics covered by the class? If so, you’ll agree that this is a very powerful communication tool. Note the biggest words. In this case, as might be expected for a class developed for a Christian seminary environment, Jesus and God are most often mentioned.  Note what other words are mentioned. They include: life, good, vision, and so on:

nonharming textbook word cloud

nonharming textbook word cloud

Make Your Own

Communicators and educators… creating a word map is easy and free, with the tools such as wordle.net, on the web.  Here’s how: 1) find a word cloud tool such as the one at wordle.net; 2) upload a document for analysis (or, you can type in some words, if you have a cloud in mind); and 3) refine your results by choosing your font and colors.  After you save the result, you might want to take another step, by converting to a transparent image, either in your own image editor software. Failing that, find a free, online tool (e.g., lunapic.com) and upload your image, click the background, watch it become transparent, and then save the result.   Enjoy!

What are WebDefs?

WebDefs – simple definitions of key terms relating to ministry and healing arts – are a regular feature of this website, offered (where applicable) in conjunction with select key scriptural passages and analysis, WebDefs can be a useful starting place for exploring a topic of interest.

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