Webgem: Relating Meekness and Creation Care

What’s this? A book as a WebGem? Wait…there’s video…a compelling address by theologian Father John Dear on his latest release from Orbis Books delving into the third Beatitude, from Jesus’ Sermon on the Mount: “They Will Inherit the Earth: Peace & Nonviolence in a Time of Climate Change.” It’s a beautiful treasure of a book, and an inspiration for all who read it. It’s a beautiful treasure of a book, and an inspiration for all who read it. Not only does it delve into the meaning of meekness itself, it shines a light on what it means to live out the beatitudes, daily. We’re so very glad to be able to share with you this hot-off-the-presses footage of Father John, discussing his thoughts on that very timely topic.  We bet it’ll make you want to run right out and buy a copy… when you do, why not buy local, and support your local bookstore. It’s one more lovely way to go green!

Here are some memorable moments:

About Father John Dear

Book Cover:  They Will InheritJohn Dear has spent over three decades speaking to people around the world about the Gospel of Jesus, the way of nonviolence and the call to make peace. A Catholic priest, he has served as the director of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, the largest interfaith peace organization in the United States, and after September 11, 2001, as one of the Red Cross coordinators of chaplains at the Family Assistance Center, and counseled thousands of relatives and rescue workers. He has worked in homeless shelters, soup kitchens, and community centers; traveled in warzones around the world, including Iraq, Palestine, Nicaragua, Afghanistan, India, and Colombia; lived in El Salvador, Guatemala and Northern Ireland; been arrested over 75 times in acts of civil disobedience against war; and spent eight months in prison for a Plowshares disarmament action. In the 1990s, he arranged for Mother Teresa to speak to various governors to stop the death penalty. He has two Master’s Degrees in Theology from the Graduate Theological Union in California, and has taught theology at Fordham University.  Watch the full evening’s discourse online at the Elfenworks Productions, LLC Vimeo Page and learn more about Father John by visiting his website at www.JohnDear.org.

About WebGems

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