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WebGem Treasure Trove

From time to time, and with permission, The Center features exceptional outside content, including sermon excerpts and motivational or inspirational videos, or important health-related presentations that we feel will bless our visitors. We call this curated content WebGems. We coined the term WebGems to indicate a treasure (Matt 13:44) we’ve discovered, and that will be enriching spiritually. WebGems already spans a wide range of genres and content, introducing gems that we hope will be fresh and exciting for many of our viewers. And now, won’t you take a moment to delight in our WebGem Treasure Trove?


Our playlist above includes songs that will have you humming along and tapping your feet, or standing up and dancing!  If you love them, do your part and support these great artists. Buy their albums, and get on social media and tell them how much you love their work!

  • Count it Victory  [Detail Page] – a healthy, spirit-filled outlook that considers all of our experiences, and counts them as victories. Our thanks to Melvin Williams of The Williams Brothers for their kind permission. [Detail Page].
  • God and Dog [Detail Page] – warms the heart, reminding us of the loyalty of dogs as a reflection of God’s surpassing and grace-filled love. Our thanks to Wendy Francisco for her kind permission. [Detail Page].
  • Happiness Rap  [Detail Page]. – presents 12 easy steps to boost your happiness, from the book –The How of Happiness– by Sonja Lyubomirsky, in a catchy rap written and performed by Abdominal, a Toronto rapper. Our thanks to the folks at Happy Newcomer for their kind permission. [Detail Page].
  • Remind Me Who I Am [Detail Page] by Jason Gray makes the point that the labels that people place on us are not the way that God sees us. Our thanks to Jason Gray, and to Stephen Duncan and Centricity Music Publishing, for their kind permission [Detail Page].
  • Give Peace a Dance [Detail Page] – GivePeaceaDance.org is the brainchild of two young men, one Jewish and one Muslim. They invite everyone to create and post a video answering “what would you do for peace?” with the hashtag #givepeaceadance.  Our thanks to Margaret Swink, Director of Communications at Ploughshares, a foundation that “funds, organizes and innovates projects to realize a world free from the threat of nuclear weapons,” for their kind permission.
  • Three winning Campus Moviefest Student Social Justice Award band compositions: Finders Keepers from The Thirstbusters; Alone (Unplugged version) from Eyeshine; and Dedicate, from A Moment’s WorthFirefighter


The “Student Voices” playlist includes forty must-see short student perspectives on hope, change and making a positive ripple.  They’re brought to you by Campus Moviefest and The Elfenworks Foundation. All of the student films are winners, runners up and honorable mention films, and all five minutes long or less.  These student efforts really hit home, and will touch your hearts and expand your perspectives, and give you new hope that the generation that follows is a generation that can really lead!


This playlist includesthe  WebGem: Firefighter Flashdance CPR – We feel this particular WebGem is a “must watch” because it imparts a critical skill, and just might help you save someone’s life.  In the video, Chattanooga firefighters dance to Stayin’ Alive, a “flash-mob” style educational video that also teaches the value of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). This video is courtesy of Bruce Garner, Public Information Director of the Chattanooga Fire Department, and is used with permission and attribution. No profit is to be made from this video, which is not for sale. Detail Page for this WebGem.  It also includes the WebGem Act F.A.S.T [WebGem Detail Page] about the warning signs of stroke, with the kind permission of Emeritus Senior Living. Finally, the The Mask You Live In offers an insight that may be key to reducing violence in our society, pointing out how our culture teaches boys unhealthy habits. Our thanks to The Representation Project for permission to post this video, and to Upworthy for bringing it to our attention [Detail Page].  We are adding to this playlist regularly, so check back again. Watching this playlist may just help you save a life!


This playlist for kids [and their grown-ups] includes the “Breathing Butterfly” offerings from Elfenworks “In Harmony With Hope,” a little animated song from our Pastor Fish series, and even a clapping walrus. On the more serious side, there’s Professor Proponderus –  an adorable animation for children of incarcerated parents, courtesy of  the Children’s Justice Alliance, a program of Pathfinders of Oregon. It reminds children that they aren’t bad just because they have incarcerated parents. Our thanks to Mindy Clark of the Alliance for their kind permission [Detail Page].


Here, words of encouragement, unforgettable and unmissable sermons, and wisdom on creating safe spaces.  There’s a treasure trove here that’s ever increasing. Too many to list individually. We hope you’ll check out our spoken word WebGems features regularly and we just know that you’ll be blessed by them. Our thanks to Rev. Dr. James Keck and First Plymouth Church of Lincoln, Nebraska [example detail page – Gospel of Luke] Arthur Blessitt and his eMinistry at www.blessitt.com [WebGem Detail Page],  NALT Christians Project,  Rev. Dr. Fredrick D. Haynes, Chris Norman, and the Friendship-West Baptist Church, www.friendshipwest.org  [WebGem Detail Page] and others who’ve so kindly shared their gems with us, so we could in turn share them with you.



Enjoy The WebGems?   All of the above WebGem features were posted with the generous permission of the creators. And all of the videos took time, effort and care to create. If you were blessed by them, why not visit the originators and find out more about them, buy their tunes, support their organizations, and let them know how you enjoyed their efforts.  Everyone loves hearing positive feedback!  That includes us, of course. If you would like to suggest a post, or have found this post particularly helpful, we always welcome positive input and gentle encouragement as well.