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Our Easter WebGem.  Easter is our most holy Holiday and a time when we celebrate the resurrection, the triumph of light over darkness and life over death.  We feel this video is a “must watch” because it imparts a critical skill: it just might help you save someone’s life. Now, THAT would truly be in keeping with the Easter spirit, don’t you agree?  Our thanks to the Chattanooga Fire Department for allowing us to embed and feature this video as a WebGem:

Chattanooga firefighters dance to Stayin’ Alive in a flash mob in this educational video that also teaches the value of CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation). This video is courtesy of Bruce Garner, Public Information Director of the Chattanooga Fire Department, and is used with permission and attribution. No profit is to be made from this video, which is not for sale.

Three Key Facts from a CPR Class

Last week, our Center Director took a CPR class at a local fire station. We learned three startling statistics you’ll really want to know:

  1. As many as 383,000 non-hospital cardiac arrests that occur each year, in America alone.
  2. effective CPR can double or triple survival chances.
  3. 88% of these incidents occur at home.

The bottom line? If you know CPR, the life you save will likely be a loved one.  Something is better than nothing… be that critical first link in the survival chain, by performing CPR when you see a need.

A Bit About CPR From the Firefighters

As explained in the credits following the video, the firefighters are professional rescuers, so they used the technique of 30 chest compressions to two ventilations. Non-professionals are encouraged to learn CPR and use the “Hands-Only” technique advocated by the American Heart Association, which involves 100 compressions per minute. If you apply the compressions to the beat of “Stayin’ Alive,” you will achieve the rate of roughly 100 compressions per minute. You can do that!  For more information on CPR, visit the American Heart Association’s website at www.heart.org. The American Red Cross also teaches “Hands-Only” CPR (website). Do it! You might save a life!

About WebGems
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