WebGem: Holistic Grace Podcast

Here is something new and different – a podcast as a WebGem! This one is from Giselle Balbino, a Christian health/wellness coach, and it’s called the Holistic Grace Podcast – Energy & Wellness for the Christian Woman.  It’s available through iTunes and on Soundcloud.  

In the first episode, Giselle fearlessly shares her back-story, telling how she moved from living with anxieties, pains and aches to a sense of well-being, through the grace of God.  Giselle, may your prayers for helping women through this project be brought to fruition!

We learned of this podcast from Giselle’s husband Tito, whose beautiful Bossa Nova version of The Lord’s Prayer in Portuguese can be heard on our website here, and if you love The Lord’s Prayer why not check out our own multi-lingual podcast,  The Lord’s Prayer Podcast, available on  iTunes ~*~ Google play ~*~ RSS feed ~*~ Stitcher .  Find out more on our detail page

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