WebGem: Quake Tips

Does the Nepal Quake have you quaking in your boots? Check out Quake Tips, a Web Gem of a resource, brought to you by none other than Dr. Matthew Springer, a cardiac researcher at UCSF who works hard studying the effects of second-hand smoke: Quake Tips – Nepal Post

Dr. Springer has been giving presentations around San Francisco about home earthquake preparedness since 2008 (for more information about the presentation, go to his earthquake preparedness website). This blog is devoted to posts ranging from technical “how-to” articles to more philosophical “should-you” topics. New articles will be posted at most about once a month, so people who subscribe won’t be subjected to lots of e-mail.  On his website, you can sign up for emails, to stay current with the latest quake tips. Thank you, Dr. Springer!

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