The Lord's Prayer: Song

This Lord's Prayer is part of a project that includes dozens of languages. Read more here ↗.

Song - Soprano & Piano

This is part of a project that includes dozens of languages Read more here ↗.


The Lord's Prayer in song, generously shared with us by soprano Jennifer Gibbs, accompanied by Jacqueline Butler Hairston. It was filmed at The Church by the Side of the Road, Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll presiding, by videographer Bobby Madison. We're so grateful they've shared this video with us and we just know you'll be blessed by it!

Song - Kids

The Pastor Fish Radio Hour by Elfenworks Productions, LLC Readm more here ↗.


Hey kids, here's a version just for you... from the Pastor Fish Radio Hour... Youth ministers (and parents – or other interested folks) check this out: sheet music is available!

Song - Montage

This is part of a project that includes dozens of languages Read more here ↗.


God of everyone, we celebrate your name.
Teach us to make earth like heaven.
Blessing us each day, we trust you to sustain.
Help us to forgive and guide us how to live.
Teach us to make earth like heaven.
Trespasses and debts, forgiven as we forgive.
Harm, shelter us from harm, lead us from the shadow of death.
Lead us to good paths.And when we fall astray, come to our rescue. Alleluia, Lord we pray.

About our "Voices Home" Lord's Prayer Project

We offer a growing library of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord's Prayer in many world languages, with podcast, DVD, and resources for your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord's Prayer experience. We're working to extend the reach of the prayer Jesus taught us, with podcasts, a DVD, online videos, songs, sheet music, and more. Transcending language and cultural barriers, The project name, "Voices Home," refers to how this project transcends skin-deep differences; it's the same prayer, lifted homeward.

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