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Being internet savvy is essential for spiritual leaders in today's web-centered world, and Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth's eMinistry – Virtual Pathways for Spiritual Leadership: Taking Evangelism into the Cyber Frontier serves as a guide for ministers looking to learn how to effectively communicate and expand their ministry online. [ preview/buy at ScribD / buy at Amazon ]

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A growing number of people on the internet, people who increasingly turn to the web as a source of knowledge and information. More and more, ministers are recognizing the need to respond. Now, with our new offering, geared towards ministers, help is on the way! Written by a lifetime computer programmer and specialist in eMinistry, this book uses real-life examples from eMinistry websites to concisely detail:

  • How to craft a message that works for you and for others.
  • Messages: what works, what doesn't, and why.
  • Social media – building bridges and growing your ministry.
  • The basics of creating an effective website.
  • Learn the language of color, font, symbol and imagery.

Whether you are interested in exploring the topic or expanding or refining your reach, this book can help.

Raves & Reviews

Lauren Speeth has created the workbook (with theory) that churches can use to go deep and truly plan their web presence and activities. Her questions for pastors and staff build logically throughout the book so that all critical considerations are addressed; from the gospel perspective of a particular faith community, the demographics of who you are and who you want to include, to safety and security concerns that arise from deciding to have any web presence at all. This book is a must read, and if you already have a website, you'll want this book to guide you through important revisions. – Eric Debode, Kelly Avenue Catholic Worker

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