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Thank you, everyone, for your kind words of encouragement. Thanks, too, to the various judges who have visited this site and/or reviewed our class content, and found it award-worthy. We are grateful, humbled and honored. Please, keep that feedback coming… it really keeps us going! Here's our contact page.

Website Feedback

awardThis website,, has been honored with two W3 Awards for Religion & Spirituality (Gold 2013) and Copy/Writing (Silver 2013). The W³ Awards honors creative excellence on the web, and recognizes the creative and marketing professionals behind award winning sites, videos and marketing programs, and is sanctioned and judged by the Academy of Interactive & Visual Arts. Two years earlier, we were honored with a Summit Creative Award (Bronze 2010).

Using stringent evaluation criteria and blind judging processes, Summit has grown over the decades to establish itself as one of the premier arbiters of creative and communication excellence through rewarding only those firms whose work exemplifies the best in its class. We're also honored that our site – content from which has now been consolidated in to this website – earned a W3 Award for Web Creativity (Silver 2009) and a Davey Award in Religion/Spirituality (Silver 2009)!

Ministry Feedback

It is a privilege to know Rev. Dr. Lauren Speeth. We have been working together to empower the poor and needy women of India especially the widows. She has a wonderful heart to help them in practical ways like establishing Tailoring Centers for the widows. Hundreds of women were trained in these centres and many families live a decent life. She also is a gifted teacher. She has taught many times in our School of Urban Mission. We were all blessed by her. Many of us use her teaching tools in our ministries. Hundreds of women have been trained so far through the WISE Sewing Program. Some of them work in tailoring shops and factories, and some others have sewing in their own homes and earn an income.

We are planning to start a Day Care Centre for children the neediest slums here in Mumbai. There are over 12,000 people and hundreds of small children in that slum, but there is no place for these children. It will be good for these children to get iPads, and then we can teach them Pastor Fish. It will be good to partner in this slum school need.

Hundreds of women have been trained so far...
Rev. A. Marimuthu, YWAM Mumbai

PastorFish Feedback

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"Great outside sand sculpture, magic interiors, computer screens, performance for kids, costumes, blue colors, sea dresses – everything was so thoughtfully organized! KUDOS!"

Guest feedback about the Pastor Fish App Launch Event July 27 2017

"Thanks for (the) Pastor Fish CD! My kids are loving it. My two year old said this morning as we got into the car, 'Fish! Fish!' She is a bit young for the stories and likes the music, but my four year old is enjoying the stories."

User feedback about Pastor Fish CD

Healer's Path Class Feedback

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Our class, Journey Along the Healer's Path has been honored with two 21st Annual Communicator Awards of Distinction, for Webinar and for Online Video [read our press release].


Lord's Prayer Project Feedback

Learn more about the Lord's Prayer Project

Before releasing our Lord's Prayer DVD we made an advance copy available to a pastor who needed the resource for a Lenten service. In her request, she wrote, "We look different, we speak different languages, but we all need God's provision, love and care. Sharing these translations and having the congregation hear them drives home that fact." Here is her feedback:

"Thank you, I got it. I've previewed it and will use a few of the translations this evening! You guys rock my world right now! I believe it is beautiful and it touches my heart to hear recited so beautifully, to pick out words that I recognize even in other languages and the music and visuals are lovely!

Pastor Jill Meyer, Christ Congregational UCC – Clintonville WI

Wonderful!! Thank you very much.

Visitor feedback on our YouTube Channel

Thank you for the idea of the Lords prayer in multiple languages it was an inspiring time today at church... Blessings.

Pastor feedback on our YouTube Channel

That….was….CRAZY AWESOME!! God bless you all so much, from York, Pennsylvania, United States

Viewer feedback, Lord's Prayer in Vietnamese on our YouTube Channel

Beloved in the Lord, I salute you in the name of Jesus Christ. Thank you so much for the work you are doing in the building of the body of Christ as we prepare for his second coming. Be assured of my prayers are with you. I prayed and will again pray that the Lord BLESS YOU AND KEEP IGNITING YOU FOR THE GREATER LEVELS IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM. Kindly, consider to visit and share the testimony of our Lord Jesus Christ and also help us to reach the lost in this region of Africa.

Feedback from a pastor in Kenya

Hello, I just stumbled across your site because one of my resolutions is to learn The Lords Prayer in Samoan. To my delight you provided the text accompanied with a reflective video. Thank you. Can't wait to recite this to my parents. God's peace.

Visitor feedback regarding our Lord's Prayer project

I really thank your ministry in blessing all of us the ability to understand and hear the Lord's Prayer in many languages. I'm very passionate about spreading the good news also concerning the life and works of our Lord Jesus Christ. I would like to memorize all prayers in all 20 languages and I have just a small request to please e-mail me the words to the Lord Prayers in all 20 different languages. I will use this to help strenghten our outreach ministries to ministered the gospel to all people of all religion and faith. Thank-you and may the Lord Jesus Christ bless you all in spreading the good news...

Visitor feedback regarding our Lord's Prayer project

Just wanted to say that I really enjoyed a lot of your website. I think a lot of the terms and concepts used in Buddhism today help us pull back many layers of thought to get at the heart of true Christian teaching. Keep spreading the salt and the Lord of Peace be with you...

Visitor feedback regarding, now part of this site

Hi... the content is excellent for reflection... but the site looks like it is for teenage girls; which is fine if that is who is being addressed. If not, it might make sense to create either an overarching aesthetic for all people in one site, or perhaps split the site into sub-domains, addressing the unique experiences of people in different life stages... Otherwise, they might read the message, but wonder if it is really addressed to them or not. Anyway, thanks for reading this. May God bless your work.

Visitor feedback regarding, now part of this site

I recently viewed a YouTube video of "Our Father" in Greek, with the Greek text, and came to this site because I wanted to contact whoever made the video to thank them for it. I watched a number of Greek Our Father's on YouTube and liked his the best. I spent some time at your site, this site, and like it; both content and intent. You folks are doing good in the world in my opinion and I'm pleased to discover it and grateful for it. I am your admirer.

Visitor feedback regarding our Lord's Prayer project

Peace and blessings,
Your friends at


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