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This plan is offered as a suggestion only. Activities and lessons can be divided in any number of ways. We have divided the subjects into three areas of six lessons each: Grounding (the Hebrew Bible or Old Testament); Being (Following Jesus' Teachings); and Knowing: Cultivating & Exploring Faith. Always review the "Golden Rule Rhyme" before getting started:

As we gather in Sunday school, we will follow the Golden Rule.
To each other be kind and true, as we want to be treated too!

Set 1 - Grounding: The Hebrew Bible (OT) – 6 Lessons

Creation Care Bible Savvy: Group leader, explain God's time vs. our time. God created everything in six days… how long is a day, to God? On the seventh day, God rested. God didn't have to rest, but God did. What about us? Activities: 1) Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing for each of the six days. 2) Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out the creation story. 3) Role Play [Materials: n/a] Be a swan, a squirrel, or an owl or a lamb. Act out the song, while singing it. 4) Rhyme [Materials: n/a] learn this rhyme: "God made it all and it was good. Let's care for creation, just like we should!" Sit in a circle, and go around in one direction or another, starting with the teacher, from A to Z. When it's your turn, think of something that we care about, starting with the next letter of the alphabet. Teacher, remind the children not to blurt out answers so everyone has fun and gets a turn. Example: All: God made it all and it was good. Let's care for creation, just like we should! Child 1: Apple ! All: God made apples... Child 2: Bears ... etc.
The Flood - Noah Bible Savvy: What does this story teach us about stewardship (such as taking care of animals)? What does it teach us about listening to and trusting God? Doing and Being: How can we be like Noah? Activities: Art Project [material: clay] Use some clay and create a little boat with animals, two by two. Drawing [material: paper, crayons] Draw the ark, the animals, and the dove.
Exodus - The Red Sea (Freedom) Bible Savvy: Let's talk about freedom. What does it mean to be free? What are different kinds of freedom? Did you know that Jewish families celebrate Passover to commemorate being set free from Pharaoh? Being and Doing: In what way do we want to be like Moses? Activities: Sing Along: "When the Lord Says Go." Art Project [material: clay] Create an ocean scene. It can even include some fish, or the story scene. Drawing [material: paper, crayons] Draw the scene you heard in the story.
Jonah & The Whale Bible Savvy: Was Jonah a hero? Why did he run away? Can God still use people who make mistakes or run away? Activities: Sing Along: "When the Lord Says Go." Art Project [material: paper, crayons] Illustrate a funny saying such as "it's raining cats and dogs!" or a beautiful one, such as "you're a shining star!" or "God is my rock."
OT Bible Heroes Bible Savvy: Imagine going up against someone so very big. How did David feel? What can these two stories teach us? Can we think of other hero stories in the Bible? Doing and Being: How would we define hero? What about the small ways we can be heroes, for the world we love? Activities: Sing Along: "When the Lord Says Go." Drawing [Material: paper, crayons] Draw your hero. Crafty Lion [paper, string, glue, pencil]. Draw a circle in the middle of a page. Draw in some eyes and a big wet nose. Add whiskers and mane using yarn and glue. You've made a lion. Share with the group. What is your lion's name? Why didn't it eat Daniel?
Ten Com
Review: Bible Savvy: God always loves us and reaches out to us, and is always our friend. Does following the commandments help us all get along? Doing and Being: Everyone makes mistakes (and God still loves us) but we can still try our best. Activities: Teacher, create a fill-the-blanks "Ten Commandments" handout.

Set 2 - Being: Jesus' Teachings (Gospels) – 6 Lessons

Blessed Are – Beatitudes Review: How can a young person be a peacemaker? How can a young person show mercy? How about meekness: how do we keep our strength under control and not be seen as a wimpy kid? Do you have questions about one or more of the Beatitudes? Which one is the most confusing? Which one makes the most sense? Activities: Dovemaking [materials: cotton balls, glue, popsicle sticks] Glue cotton balls on popsicle sticks to create a dove. What is your dove's name?
Visioning Peace [materials: crayons/paper] How do you see peace? Can you draw it? Or, you can draw a mountain, with Jesus teaching and people listening.
Role Play [materials: n/a] Split into threes – two pretend to be fighting (but stick to gentle words such as "Grrr I am so mad.") and the third try being a peacemaker. Class come together to discuss.
Forgiving - The Servant Bible Savvy: What's the deeper meaning of this tale? What is Jesus trying to teach us? Discuss: What did the unforgiving servant do? Do you think being unforgiving helps you or hurts you? What could he have done differently? Safety Savvy: Forgiveness doesn't mean forgetting. It also doesn't mean you should let them keep hurting you. Stay safe. Activities: Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing for someone asking forgiveness and someone else giving that forgiveness. Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out an act of forgiveness.
Forgiven - The Prodigal Bible Savvy: What is Jesus trying to teach us? What does this tell us about God's love for us if we turn away? Are we always welcome back? (hint: yes!!!) Why didn't the young person in the story feel he would be welcomed home? Was he surprised by his welcome? What does that tell us about God? Why was the other son who stayed behind so upset? Did he need God's love, too? Activities: Drawing [materials: paper, crayons] Draw the faces of the dad and the two sons.
Kindness - Good Samaritan Bible Savvy: Jesus was Jewish, and the Jewish people and the Samaritans did not get along. Why did Jesus use a Samaritan as the hero in this story? What is Jesus trying to teach us? In what way do we want to be like the Good Samaritan? Who are the people we don't get along with? Can you imagine Jesus using someone like that as the hero of the story? Activities: Sing Along: "When the Lord Says Go." Imaginary Play [material: n/a] Pretend you are a person in trouble. The teacher walks by without helping… what does that feel like? Now the teacher is the Samaritan. How does that feel? Drawing [material: paper, crayons] Draw the scene you heard in the story.
Service - Washing Feet Bible Savvy: What's going on in this story? Why is Jesus washing His disciples' feet? What was he trying to teach them? What's the deeper meaning of this tale? What can the Bible teach us? Doing and Being: What are ways we can follow Jesus' example, besides washing feet? Activities: Sing Along: "When the Lord Says Go." Imagination [Materials: dolls, bowl] Pretend the dolls are disciples. Act out how one is washing the feet of another.
Fed - Loaves & Fishes Bible Savvy (older listeners): God's abundance happened more than once (Matthew 14:13-21 / Mark 6:30-44 / Luke 9:10-17 / John 6:5-14). How does this make you feel? How does Jesus feed us, even today? What did Jesus ask from his follower (hint: feed my sheep) and what does this mean for us, today? Activities: Sing Along: "Loaves & Fishes." Role play [Materials: fish-shaped crackers, bread, and juice] Share some fish-shaped crackers, bread, and juice as a class. What does it feel like, to share this food together?

Set 3 - Knowing: Cultivating & Exploring Faith – 6 Lessons

Mustard Seed Faith Bible Savvy: God always hears us, and even though we don't always get everything we ask for, God always loves us. Faith is a gift that comes from God. Some people say faith is trusting God's goodness. How would you describe faith? The first step to having deeper faith is to want it. What else can we do to have more faith? What does this tale mean for us, today? Activities: Activities: Sing Along: "The Number Three." Small and Big [Material: mustard seed] Pass around a mustard seed. As it's your turn to hold it in your hand, look how big it is. Why did Jesus use that example? How does that make you feel about the size of your own faith? Better?
Tragedies - Siloam Tower Bible Savvy: Jesus teaches us that sometimes unexpected things happen, good and bad, and that these things happen to good people and to bad people. Doing and Being: We all have lots of different feelings and that's okay; it's okay to feel your feelings. Activities: Sing Along: "It's Okay to Feel Sad." Drawing [Materials: paper, crayons] draw some events. Good? Bad? Imagine your feelings as an animal, or rain from the sky, then draw it. Share your work, if you feel like it. Writing [Materials: paper, pen] Write a letter to God sharing how you are feeling. You don't have to share it with anyone else but God. God doesn't want something fake from you, and delights in hearing from you, no matter how you are feeling. Empathy [Materials: n/a] In groups of two, one act sad, the other use a way to help the sad one feel better. Self-Care [No materials required] Class thinks up ways we can take care of ourselves. Eating right? Seeking support? Having an attitude of gratitude?
We Pray Together Bible Savvy: Sing Along (or recite) "Our Father" (The Lord's Prayer). How do we pray? When do we pray? Do we know any bedtime prayers? What are some prayers that we like? Activities: Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing to show what prayer feels like, to you. Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out today's concepts.
God is One - A Trinity Bible Savvy: What is the Holy Spirit? Is Jesus part of the Trinity? What are other fun ways to think of God? (God as love, as light, as life). Three has a special meaning in the Bible. Can you think of other numbers that do also? (hint: number 12) Doing and Being: How do you experience love, or inspiration? Activities: Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Make a drawing with lots of things that come in threes. Role Play [Materials: n/a] Make a skit that acts out today's concepts.
Christmas Story Bible Savvy: Was Jesus born rich, or poor? Why would God choose a lowly manger, and an oppressed people? Doing and Being: Christmas presents are fun. What sort of present would Jesus like from us, at Christmas? How can we welcome the little baby Jesus? How can Jesus be born in our hearts? Doing and Being: The magi were warned in a dream to steer clear of a dangerous king. Why did they trust their dream? How can we grow to trust that very quiet little voice that guides us and tries to keep us safe? Activities: Imagination [Materials: clay or wood] create a little "crèche" (manger scene) together. Role Play [Materials: costumes, backdrops] Put on a little play telling the Christmas story.
Easter Story Bible Savvy: Right when the disciples thought the story was over, there was a surprise ending. How does Easter show transformation - bringing new life and new hope? Think how much God loves us, to be willing to send Jesus to live and die with us so that we may have life abundantly. How does it feel to know that God loves you so much, your very own self? Activities: Imagination [Materials: paper, crayons] Draw the sun shining and an angel. Egg Decorating [Materials: eggs, paint, paintbrushes] Decorate eggs with edible paint. Egg Hunt [Materials: Easter eggs] Hold an Easter egg hunt using boiled and decorated eggs, or egg-shaped objects. Growing Hope [Materials: Seeds, dirt, pots] Plant a little seed. Discuss that the seed is buried, and yet it will soon be transformed and rise up in new life.

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