Ministrants is dedicated to the premise that all who are called, are called to be healers. Working in partnership, we are all uplifted. We're proud of our partners and welcome other partnership inquiries.

Lift Your Voice

We are always interested in more translation help for our Lord's Prayer project [Repository Page ~ Podcast]. Our AUDACIOUS GOAL is to try to gather and present The Lord's Prayer in as many languages and dialects as possible. We are off to a great start, with growing body of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of the prayer, along with all the tools necessary for a do-it-yourself multicultural Lord's Prayer experience. Visitors from across the globe are helping. Check if your language and dialect are already offered. If they are, please help us spread the word about them. If not, we may already have a recording that we haven't processed. But it's also very possible that you could be the next voice in this project. Interested?

  • Visit Elfenworks Productions LLC for details
  • Get in touch. We'd love to hear from you.

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Prayers Welcome

We invite you to pray with us, if you are so moved, for our Center and our Prayer Partners:

  • NHM Ministrants – that our Christ-centered digital resources will be effective, opening hearts and minds and equipping generations of ministrants who desire to walk a healer's path.
  • Mission Ministry Philippines – that their early childhood development programs will lift up generations from extreme poverty, and that they may be successful in tackling unique new challenges that have arisen in their country.
  • Not All Like That Christians Project – that they may attract many to discover the welcoming, affirming Jesus and who invites us to follow Him and live in kinship with humanity and creation.
  • The Leadership Farm (Zambia) - that they be blessed in their mission, "Unlocking Africa's human capital potential."
  • YWAM Trichy – that the widows they helped during the time of our Widows of India Status & Empowerment (WISE) partnership was active. You can learn more here.

Past Partners

I am friendly flower 1Highlighted Partnership Example

One partnership - with NALT - began after we chose one of their YouTube videos as a featured "Web Gem." We were invited to create a video as well, so we did. We also created two friendly cornflowers (or, are they thistles?) as a statement of kinship and support, sharing them from time to time on social media:

If your nonprofit organization's vision aligns with ours and you'd like to to explore prayer partnership (and be listed as a prayer partner), we'd be interested to hear from you. Thank you for your prayers, and may God bless you for your caring heart!
– Your friends at NHM Ministrants

We're always looking for fellow Ministrants!

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