Oath of the Healers' Path


Our Oath of the Healers' Pathsm is based on the most famous physician's oath, the Hippocratic Oath. The Hippocratic Oath goes beyond simply "first, do no harm" to embrace an active involvement in healing and harm prevention. This distinctive, frame-worthy Oath allows you to affirm (or reaffirm) your commitment to walking a Healers' Path, and to convey this commitment to others. By displaying this Oath, you are acknowledging your generous spirit of friendliness and welcome.

An Oath is a public statement of a greater intention, so it should be spoken in the presence of others. Download your Oath, print, then gather together for the purpose of taking the Oath. As you speak the words, feel them in your heart. Then, sign it frame it, and live it. We wish you blessings on your path.

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