The Lord's Prayer: Tchiluba

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Tatu wetu udi mu diulu
Tunemeke dina diebe.
Bukelenge buebe bulue.
Tuenze pa buloba bu muwudi musue,
Bu mudibo bakuenzela mu diulu.
Utupe tshitupa tshia bidia bietu,
bia buatshia-buatshia lelu.
Utujimijile mibi yetu, bu mutuakumana
kujimijila bakuabo mibi yabo.
Kutufikishi padi mateyi, kadi
Utusungile kudi bubi

About our "Voices Home" Lord's Prayer Project

We offer a growing library of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord's Prayer in many world languages, with podcast, DVD, and resources for your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord's Prayer experience. We're working to extend the reach of the prayer Jesus taught us, with podcasts, a DVD, online videos, songs, sheet music, and more. Transcending language and cultural barriers, The project name, "Voices Home," refers to how this project transcends skin-deep differences; it's the same prayer, lifted homeward.

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