The Lord's Prayer: Text/SMS

This Lord's Prayer is part of a project that includes dozens of languages. Read more here ↗.


This is part of a project that includes dozens of languages Read more here ↗.


R fthr who rt n hvn, hlld b thy nm.
Thy kdm come thy will b done on erth as it is n hvn.
Giv us ths day r dly bred
& 4giv us r dbts s we 4giv r dbtrs
& lead us not nto tmptn but dlvr us fr evl.
4 thyn is th kngdm & th pwr & th glry 4evr.

The above is simply one interpretation of how someone might send a text message of The Lord's Prayer. It's based on English, and we used 'debtors' because it was shorter to text. Feedback we've gotten so far on this SMS version is that it's cute but not really a language. Perhaps it can serve as a reminder, however, to keep up the conversation with God, daily, in whatever context we find ourselves.>

About our "Voices Home" Lord's Prayer Project

We offer a growing library of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord's Prayer in many world languages, with podcast, DVD, and resources for your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord's Prayer experience. We're working to extend the reach of the prayer Jesus taught us, with podcasts, a DVD, online videos, songs, sheet music, and more. Transcending language and cultural barriers, The project name, "Voices Home," refers to how this project transcends skin-deep differences; it's the same prayer, lifted homeward.

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