The Lord's Prayer: Ukrainian

This Lord's Prayer is part of a project that includes dozens of languages. Read more here ↗.



This is part of a project that includes dozens of languages Read more here ↗.


Отче наш, що єси на небесах,
Нехай святиться Ім'я Твоє.
Хай прийде Царство Твоє,
нехай буде воля Твоя
Як на небі, так і на землі
Хліб наш насущний дай нам сьогодні.
І прости нам провини наші,
як і ми прощаємо винуватцям нашим.
І не введи нас у спокусу,
але визволи нас від лукавого.
Бо Твоє є Царство, і сила, і слава

Grateful thanks to Tania Andrienko of Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv for her kind assistance verifying the prayer and its pronunciation, and recording it for our listeners. Enjoy!

About our "Voices Home" Lord's Prayer Project

We offer a growing library of aesthetically pleasing, culturally sensitive versions of The Lord's Prayer in many world languages, with podcast, DVD, and resources for your own rich, meaningful, multicultural Lord's Prayer experience. We're working to extend the reach of the prayer Jesus taught us, with podcasts, a DVD, online videos, songs, sheet music, and more. Transcending language and cultural barriers, The project name, "Voices Home," refers to how this project transcends skin-deep differences; it's the same prayer, lifted homeward.

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