The Lord's Prayer: Zeme

This Lord's Prayer is part of a project that includes dozens of languages. Read more here ↗.



This is part of a project that includes dozens of languages Read more here ↗.


Tinggem kebam anui Pie, nzi di kelube teilu lo;
n hegwang tiegwang kelube teilu lo;
tinggem ga nsui cang kela nzwa eh kideu aipaudeu
dele pwane de nsuibe teilu lo.
Tingba msangne puk anuide peulo,
Anui mau gibeu lo,
Anuide mimau gibeu kela nzwa eh.
Anuide pwa kehedei gage kai helo,
Dede kesiabe gade anuide teu kelilu lo.

Grateful thanks to YWAM Trichy's School of Urban Mission [in Tiruchirappalli, Tamil Nadu, India] – both the students and the director Marimuthu Kavitha – for so generously assisting with this recording, text, and translation.

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