WebDef: CINO

CINO /seno/ – Acronym: This acronym stands for "Christian in Name Only." It is used as a perjorative term, to describe self-avowed Christians who don't live up to the speaker's standards as a Christ follower.

A Word to Those Hurling Epithets

Are you, yourself, a Christ follower? If so, you will understand how it's not possible to completely emulate Jesus. Nobody is perfect. Rather than judge or accuse, why not follow Jesus' admonition of non-judging and nonharming.

To The Rest of Us

Nobody likes being called names. But there could be a learning opportunity here. Do we see in ourselves any way in which we are CINO? In these cases, let's redouble our efforts to be, as C. S. Lewis would call it, the imitation of Christ.

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