WebDef: Credit-Sharing

Cre·dit-Shar·ing / kredit-SHer'ing /– Gerund: The act of generously praising partner efforts, or raising awareness regarding favorable project outcomes.

Credit Sharing is a key pillar of the Seven Pillar Methodology for social entrepreneurship. Credit Sharing is an act of graciously giving recognition, rather than withholding it for oneself, and it makes good common sense. Employees, partners, and congregations appreciate being noticed and given the chance to shine. It boosts morale, helps build team cohesion, and can spark passion in the way no other reward can do.


What does the Bible state about sharing credit? First and foremost, the Bible first clearly states, the credit goes to God. The Psalms are full of praise and thanksgiving for the miracles that God has wrought. David, Samson, and so many other biblical heroes gave the credit for their successes rightly to God.


It is difficult to share credit, when we are filled with pride. And the Proverbs rightly warn, "pride goeth before a fall." (Proverbs 16:18). Pride is less of a problem when we can remember how we have been lifted up, and how we stand on the shoulders of so many. When we are "poor in spirit" we can be filled up, and Jesus promises heaven's kingdom (Matt. 5:3).

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