WebDef: Parables

Parable /pær·?·b?l/ – Noun: A relatable story that contains a deeper meaning.

Jesus did much of his teaching using parables, explaining to his disciples that those who sought God would get the deeper meaning, while the truth would be hidden from unbelievers (Matthew 13:10-17). By stating that the truth is hidden more deeply, the Gospels teach us something about a way to access scripture also known as PaRDeS or Jewish Exegesis Pardes stands for Peshat - plain / Remez — hints / Derash — seek / Sod — secret. On the surface is the plain meaning (Peshat). But there are hints, and when we inquire more deeply, we may get at the secret, deeper meaning.

These tales, found throughout the Bible, on the surface convey familiar characters and activities. They have been a popular way for religious teachers throughout the ages to hold the listeners' attention and at the same time make a deeper point, for those who have ears to hear.

Select Parables from the Gospel of Luke

Prodigal Son [Lk 15:11-32] Good Samaritan [Lk 10:25-37] Lazarus / Rich Man [Lk 16:19-31]
Assistance at Midnight [Lk 11:5-10] Rich Fool [Lk 12:16-21] Faithful Servants [Lk 12:35-48]
Barren Fig-Tree [Lk 13:6-8] The Door Closes [Lk 13:24-30] How to Be a Guest [Lk 14:7-14]
Unjust Judge [Lk 18:1-8] Lost Coin [Lk 15:8-10] Two Debtors [Lk 7:41-43]
Dishonest Manager [Lk 16:1-13] Servant's Reward [Lk 17:7-10] King / Tower-Builder [Lk 14:28-32]
Pharisee & Tax Collector [Lk 18:9-14] Throne Claimant [Lk 19:26]

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