WebDef: Umuganda

Umuganda – /oo'moo'gändä/ – Noun a "day of global service." The word literally means "coming together towards a common outcome," and is expressed as compulsory cleanup effort by citizens in their home towns.

Implemented as a tool for reconciliation and strengthening societal ties, the practice is now embraced at all levels. Although some choose to pay fines rather than participate, most see the benefits on so many levels. And the practice of umuganda in city such as Kigali, Rwanda has resulted in that city being one of the cleanest in Africa.

You can take this concept and make it your own, a sort of "global umuganda," when you organize any activity that brings neighbors and friends together, for a common end. Jumpstart your imagination on how to make a difference, at the Elfenworks Foundation's "make a ripple" page, elffound.org/ripple, And spread the word, with the following tag: #umuganda!

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