Seven Principles of the Healer's Path


It's a deeply enriching, joyful path, a way of living in the world. We bet you're already walking a healer's path, but if not, give it a try! We think you'll find it so compelling, you'll want to make it a part of your own practice. We see this path as having seven key principles. The healer's path is a Connected, Contemplative, Open, Discerning, Joyous, Healing Journey. Here's a summary to help clarify what we mean:

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First Principle: Connected.

Connection reflects Jesus' Great commandment, a generous spirit of kinship with humanity and all of God's good creation.
**ISN'T: Disconnected
**IT IS: Connected

Second Principle: Contemplative

Contemplative practice helps us discern that still, small voice that guides.
**ISN'T: Brash/Thoughtless
**IT IS: Contemplative

Third Principle: Open

We open ourselves to new insights about self, other, and to God's callings and promptings.
**ISN'T: Closed
**IT IS: Open

Fourth Principle: Discerning

Knowing when to act, and when to refrain from action, with a focus is on harm prevention in the here and now. Wise.
**ISN'T: Indiscriminate
**IT IS: Discerning

Fifth Principle: Joyous

The healer's path is a joyous one, and rewarding to follow.
**ISN'T: Joyless/Sour
**IT IS: Joyful

Sixth Principle: Healing

All who are called, are called to be healers. The healer's path is a gentle yet powerful one, as a river that can wear away the stubborn mountain.
**ISN'T: Harmful
**IT IS: Healing

Seventh Principle: Journey

The healer's path is a joyous journey, transforming us through our efforts to uplift others.
**ISN'T: Destination
**IT IS: Journey
The Seven Principles of the Healer's Path we have outlined above should help make clear to you what it is, and what it is not.  We invite you to contemplate them, and if they ring true for you, why not browse the rest of our resources to find out more?

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